These are the weather resources I have found most useful for this little part of the world during my years as a Weather Nerd. As you move left to right through the columns the picture of the weather broadens, until you get the most amazing views of all: the ultimate source of the weather and climate on our planet.
Weather   Environment Canada Forecast for Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Forecasts beyond 3 days should be treated as suggestive only - during very-active weather seasons they can change from one refresh to another.
Airport   Environment Canada Forecast for Edmonton International Airport (YEG)
Whereas Weather is for central Edmonton, the EIA is outside Edmonton past the southernmost city limits and for travellers to the airport conditions there may be a better indication of road conditions, especially in winter.
Traffic   Traffic reports
As good as I can find, which isn't that great.
Radar   Weather Radar - Prairies
Environment Canada Doppler radar for Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba
This image shows the movement of active weather systems as they reflect radar signals from a collection of nine stations (black dots) throughout the prairies. The strength of the reflected signal suggests the density of precipitation in the system.
Animated   10-Day Weather
Animated 10-day meteorological map.
Roads   AMA Road Report
Alberta Road Conditions
The venerable Alberta Motor Association Road Report, always handy in the winter. Check out the Cameras link for realtime webcam views of various provincial highways.
Alerts   Statements, Watches, and Warnings for Alberta regions.
W. Canada 
Visible   Western Canada Satellite Visible
GOES satellite image showing visible imagery of Western Canada.
Check for clouds to see if you'll get a sunny day or not. The (A)nimated image shows what's coming and going.
Forecast   Canadian Weather at a Glance
A graphic showing weather systems and the jet stream.
Animated   10-Day Temperatures
Animated 10-day temperature gradients.
Weather   Current weather for Canadian cities and regions.
Pick a blank area of a region to zoom into that region.
Alerts   Public weather alerts.
N. America 
MultiBand   NOAA Infrared, Visible, and Water Vapour images
Not much Arctic coverage, but the WV image is handy for seeing how much moisture is in a system, indicating clouds or precipitation.
Animated   10-day Temperature Forecasting
Animated 10-day temperature gradients.
Infrared   North America Satellite Infrared
GOES satellite image showing infrared-band imagery of North America.
The infrared band shows the temperature of weather systems, an indication of their scope and intensity. In this image the colour scale is actually inverted to highlight how cold a system is at higher latitudes, and indicator of its severity. Watch this image in the summer and fall and be glad for where you don't live.
The (A)nimated image shows how things are moving up there.
Surface+Sat   Surface + Satellite
Meteorological surface conditions overlaid on satellite temperature readings.
Visible   North and South America Satellite
From GOES-13, both Americas in the visible spectrum.
This map is great for watching hurricane and large storm activity for most of the Americas. For Canada, best to use the Infrared image, though for the west upcoming warming/storm activity can be seen offshore.
Snapshot   Land/Sea Temps & Clouds
World temperature gradients and cloud cover updated every 3 hours.
Conditions   Conditions for Selected Worldwide locations
Temperature, winds, precipitation for spots around the world. Available in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
Interactive   Real-time Conditions as the World Turns
A very cool real-time map of the earth as it turns, with selectable reporting conditions overlaid. It's also possible to turn the globe to view conditions for any area. It can keep your computer pretty busy.
Helio   SOHO Imagery of the Sun
NASA's SOHO Observatory ultraviolet, Doppler and coronal images.
SOHO sits in space at the First Lagrangian Point (L1), between the Earth and the Sun where the gravity of both keeps the satellite balanced between them, about 1.5 million kilometres from Earth.
Note: If you ever see an image marked "CCD Bakeout" SOHO is burning dust off its CCD light-collector array. This can continue for a week or so at regular intervals.
Space   Space Weather
Conditions and forecasts - for the Universe!
Hey, it's out there - and it's coming at us!!!
I hope you find these sites useful. If you do or don't, or have another handy resource to suggest, please free to Tell Me.